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Congress Requires Trucker Safety Study

February 19, 2015 Insurance Topics 3

What is the best way to ensure trucker safety? Should drivers be required to sleep two nights in a row…Read More

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Cyber Coverage and the Actuarial Challenge

January 2, 2015 Insurance Topics 6

Major cyber attacks are almost becoming the flavor of the month. Sony, JP Morgan, the Home Depot, the U.S. Postal…Read More

How Insurers Determine Your Auto Insurance Premium

October 31, 2014 Insurance Topics 0

While spending the past two decades as a business writer covering the insurance market, I finally got a chance to…Read More

Why the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act is Necessary

September 10, 2014 Insurance Topics 3

Tommorow is the 13th anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, so it is fitting take a look at why the Terrorism…Read More

Brokers Need to Take Advantage of Data for Future Success

July 30, 2014 Insurance Topics 0

To attract and retain customers, insurance brokers need to take advantage of data already buried in their electronic and paper…Read More

Thank You Tech Cast Global!!!

July 25, 2014 Insurance Topics 0

TechCast Global, which contributed significantly to my Contingencies article about disruptive technology and its effect on actuaries, the insurance industry…Read More

Disruptive Technology, Actuaries and the Rest of Us

July 1, 2014 Insurance Topics 6

Disruptive technology — defined as a new technology that unexpectedly displaces the established one — will change most professions. In…Read More

The Other Reason for Rising Workers’ Comp Premiums

May 2, 2014 Insurance Topics 1

Workers’ compensation premiums are on the rise with little hint of near-term relief. To figure out why, workers’ comp experts…Read More

What Happens After Actuaries Retire

March 11, 2014 Insurance Topics 0

Is there life after actuaries retire? The answer is a resounding “yes” — and that more abundantly! That was my…Read More

Actuarial and IT Professionals Need Each Other

March 3, 2014 Insurance Topics 3

From developing innovative solutions to satisfying mounting compliance requirements, actuaries and IT professionals must learn to come together. Unfortunately, both…Read More