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Reduce Claim Filing Lag Time Through Effective Employee Communication Plans

(This is Part II of What Every Employer Should Know About Workers’ Compensation) Despite the best safety efforts, workers’ compensation…Read More

Understanding the Workers’ Comp Experience Mod Factor

June 19, 2012 Insurance Topics 4

Workers’ compensation premium costs are expected to continue rising. The state with the highest share of workers’ compensation premium –…Read More

Twitter Rolls Out “Expanded Tweets”

Twitter Rolls Out “Expanded Tweets”.Read More

Just for Fun: Famous Tweets from Benjamin Franklin

June 12, 2012 Uncategorized 0

It is a little-known secret that Benjamin Franklin was a rabid Tweeter. Lacking youth and a Persian lover, the older…Read More

Why Karen Farris Is Among My Heroines

June 5, 2012 Insurance Topics 0

Karen Farris, one of the first female executives in the male-dominated insurance industry, is featured in this month’s issue of…Read More