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Predictive analytics allows feds to track outbreaks in real time

January 30, 2013 Insurance Topics 0

Predictive analytics allows feds to track outbreaks in real timeRead More

Predictive Modeling and Your Insurance Agent or Broker

January 29, 2013 Insurance Topics 2

Predictive modeling could change the relationship you have with your agent or broker because it changes the complexion of riskiness.…Read More

“Predictive Modeling Is Here to Stay” Discussion on the LinkedIn Group: Workers Compensation Roundtable

Below is a response to my blog, “Predictive Modeling Is Here to Stay” in a discussion published on the Linked…Read More

Predictive Modeling Is Here to Stay

January 22, 2013 Insurance Topics 9

Last week’s blog covered how workers’ compensation predictive modeling will affect premiums. But there is much more employers need to…Read More

What Employers Should Know About Workers’ Compensation Predictive Modeling (Part I)

January 15, 2013 Insurance Topics 8

A special “thank you” to Mark Wells for making this blog a “manager’s choice” on LinkedIn’s Work Comp Analysis Group.…Read More

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What’s More Effective, Direct or Email marketing letters?

Good stuff, but not directly applicable to B2B marketing… More

The Twists and Turns of Workers’ Compensation Profitability

January 8, 2013 Insurance Topics 2

Profitability is a sensitive subject in workers’ compensation. That is because, with a smattering of exceptions, workers’  compensation is mandated.…Read More

Journalists, CEOs, Lawyers Share Many Traits of Disturbed Criminals

January 7, 2013 Uncategorized 0

Just for fun, but this does explain a few things… More