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Converting the CEO to the Cause of Workers’ Compensation

With employers addressing ObamaCare and rising health care costs, persuading the CEO to make safety and workers’ compensation priorities might…Read More

How Companies Get Client Leads

Wonder if you are wasting your time on social media? Well, it turns out that LinkedIn is effective for generating…Read More

Great Workers’ Compensation Programs Start at the Top

Some of my most popular blogs cover workers compensation. While in the process of writing future blogs, one central element…Read More

Why Charles Ramsey Is My Hero

May 14, 2013 Uncategorized 2

Charles Ramsey is my hero. It’s not just because he and other brave neighbors freed three kidnapped women and a…Read More

Why I am Never Buying a Dell Product Again!!!

May 13, 2013 Uncategorized 6

Once upon a time, small businesses relied on Dell Computers. Once offering excellent products, it was hailed for its customer…Read More

Cutting through the weeds: Business Lessons from the Garden

Gardening can teach a lot about business. As I dug out the weeds and built my new garden, I thought…Read More

Opening A Window Into Health Care’s Future

May 1, 2013 Insurance Topics 3

Technology promises amazing innovations that can support longer and healthier lives. But what will it cost us as individuals and…Read More