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TRIA Reauthorization Bill Dies Due to One Retiring Republican Senator

December 17, 2014 Insurance Topics 3

The U.S. Senate adjourned yesterday without passing the┬ábill that would reauthorize the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA), which is set…Read More

Doctors More Likely to Dispense Unnecessary, Stronger Opioids For Profit

December 16, 2014 Insurance Topics 2

When doctors prescribe strong opioids to injured workers, the assumption is the workers need them. But when Florida banned physicians…Read More

TRIA Re-Authorization Could Be in Jeopardy

December 10, 2014 Insurance Topics 2

Update 12/10/2014 5:12 p.m.: House passes TRIA by 417-7 votes.┬áTotal support from Democrats; 7 nays from Republicans. It’s off to…Read More

Yeah! Employers Are Keeping Employee Health Care Coverage

December 1, 2014 Insurance Topics 0

Most organizations are continuing to offer health care coverage for their employees, according to a survey by Society for Human…Read More