21 Lessons Learned from My First Year of Blogging (Part 3)


This is the last installment of the 21 Lessons Learned from My First Year of Blogging. To read part 1, please click here. To read Part 2, please click here.

Here’s the rest of what I learned.

1)     Lighten up and have fun. The blog I posted in June about what Benjamin Franklin would tweet still generates hits. Another blog on social media by the numbers broadened my audience, especially on Twitter.

2)     Spare your readers the marketing hype. The idea of blogging is to contribute to a greater community. Market your expertise and you will generate leads.

3)     It’s all about content. It should be no surprise that the blogs that generate tips and advice are more successful. Stick to what you know well and your expertise will come through.

4)     Don’t give up. It took several months before I was seeing Google hits on a regular basis. At the beginning, I would get traffic when the blog was posted but then it would taper off to nothing. Now, my blog generates hits every day. This came from being consistent with blogging (which attracts Google and providing enough content to attract new readers who did not discover you the first time you covered a topic.

Blogging should be a labor of love. Remember that there are no social media experts. We are all learning as we go and new innovations in social media are dizzying. If your company does not blog, you are missing out on opportunities to build your business and network.

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by Annmarie Geddes Baribeau