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Biggest Marketing Mistake #4: Business Plan Neglect

Biggest Marketing Mistake #4: Business Plan Neglect.Read More

Biggest Marketing Mistake #4: Business Plan Neglect

A recent article in Psychology Today explains why even very intelligent people make “boneheaded” decisions. It describes a couple who…Read More

Cutting through the weeds: Business Lessons from the Garden

Gardening can teach a lot about business. As I dug out the weeds and built my new garden, I thought…Read More

Annmarie’s Five Favorite Business Books

April 17, 2012 Uncategorized 0

Winning by Jack Welch. Straightforward and gutsy, Welch tells it like it is and encourages readers to do the same. Written…Read More

Harnessing the Power of Social Media for Business-to-Business Marketing

Ready to harness the power of social media for your company? Then check out my recent article, The Case for…Read More

Biggest Marketing Mistake #5: Doing Nothing

Blatant marketing is verboten in social media. To avoid even the appearance of blatant marketing, I choose a new Biggest…Read More

Marketing Mistake Part III: Wasting Time

Not knowing your audience well enough and wasting money are the first two biggest marketing mistakes. The third is wasting precious…Read More

Business Lessons from Making Thanksgiving Dinner

Since it is Thanksgiving, I want to express my appreciation to my clients and those who support my career. There…Read More

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Generation Z

Generation Z Looks to People for Complex Insurance Interactions

Generation Z, which presumably embraces digital everything, also likes the human touch when dealing with insurance companies. Born from about…Read More

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Writing long content requires vision, organization and focus.

The Art and Necessity of Writing Long Content

Writing long content, such as feature articles, reports and studies, may be a dying art. While minimalist web designs require…Read More