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“Predictive Modeling Is Here to Stay” Discussion on the LinkedIn Group: Workers Compensation Roundtable

Below is a response to my blog, “Predictive Modeling Is Here to Stay” in a discussion published on the Linked…Read More

Workers Compensation By The Numbers

December 11, 2012 Insurance Topics 2

Work-related injuries, illnesses and deaths: Highest number of workplace fatalities (in recent years)        8,801  in 2011 Those…Read More

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Low Interest Rates Call for Tighter Workers’ Compensation Claim Administration

March 24, 2015 Insurance Topics 0

I am pleased to offer the following guest blog by Robert J. Malooly. Bob has an impressive workers’ compensation resume,…Read More

Just Thinking: Ebola and Workers’ Compensation

October 9, 2014 Insurance Topics 2

You know you’re a true workers’ comp junkie when you cannot hear the news without considering potential work-related implications. Not…Read More

Workers’ Compensation: My Father’s Story

February 26, 2014 Insurance Topics 6

My father was an injured worker. This is the first time I have ever written about this publicly. But since…Read More

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Profitable in 2012

November 22, 2013 Insurance Topics 4

Private workers’ compensation insurers earned $6.20 of profits for every $100 of net premiums. This is according to the article, Workers’ Compensation…Read More

Prevent Workers’ Compensation Costs through Safety

Employers can do a lot to save money on workers’ compensation by preventing work-related injuries, illness and deaths in the…Read More

Converting the CEO to the Cause of Workers’ Compensation

With employers addressing ObamaCare and rising health care costs, persuading the CEO to make safety and workers’ compensation priorities might…Read More

Great Workers’ Compensation Programs Start at the Top

Some of my most popular blogs cover workers compensation. While in the process of writing future blogs, one central element…Read More

WCRI Conference Offers Solutions for the Workers’ Compensation Opioid Epidemic

April 23, 2013 Insurance Topics 0

More Americans suffer from chronic pain than diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease and strokes combined. This is according to Harry L.…Read More