A Source’s Comment on my F# Article

November 3, 2013 Insurance Topics 0

James Roberts of Innovative Architects blogs about F# and was a major source in my F# article. I want to thank him for his kind words in his recent post, “The Sleeping Giant Has Just Awakened!” which you can find at http://fsharpblog.com.

Here is an expert from this blog:

“I was recently approached by a freelance writer, Annmarie Geddes Baribeau, to provide input on the technologies used by Actuaries.  Of course labeling Ms. Baribeau as a “writer” is an injustice to her talents.  I’ve worked with Ms. Baribeau in the past and her work in the Insurance and Actuarial fields is renown.  She is one of those people that never fails to complete her due diligence when performing research for her articles.  She has the uncanny ability to understand the very technical aspects of development, despite the fact she is not a programmer.  She is a true “Thought Leader”.  I can’t even begin to give her the kudos she deserves and when I was asked the “Actuarial Technology” question, naturally I thought of what they (Actuarial technologists and Insurance IT) should be using instead of what they are using.  I replied with complete conviction that she should let them know about the power of F#.ArticleCoverSo given my enthusiasm and my background in F#, she picked up the story and ran with it. As I expected the research was not easy, but given her undaunted perseverance, she ended up communicating with top “brainiacs” in Cambridge who developed the F# language.  No not Cambridge, Massachusetts, Cambridge England!  She found people and resources I never imagined.   She also found very talented developers with the same frustration I had with my former employer.  That of discovering a great platform that was so well suited for handling Actuarial models and yet, having a backward thinking management hierarchy that refused to consider its benefits.  Again I digress….

“Today’s blog update is not to give you the summary of an already impeccably researched and well written article on F#.  Rather I wanted to provide you encouragement to keep refining your talents in this language and to realize it is only a matter of time before you’re skills will be recognized.  As I had believed when I started to learn about F#, its breakthrough as a “mainstream language” will most likely begin within an Actuarial context.  Ms. Baribeau’s article may be just the nudge necessary to provide some technologists in the Insurance industry the motivation and justification to consider utilizing these tools within their next projects.

“Personally, it has been a frustrating and lonely road to recognize the benefits of F# and it’s potential to save companies thousands of dollars.  Hopefully, this article in Contingencies Magazine will first help us (F# developers) make inroads with the Actuaries and then the insurance industry as a whole.  Once people begin to realize what they can do and what they can save, other industries will follow and begin looking for F# talent.  They will begin to realize that those models and software that cut so deeply in their department’s budget can begin to be shelved.”

Thanks so much James! I do appreciate your kind words!