Baribeau Recognized for Actuarial Review Award


Annmarie Geddes Baribeau was recognized June 25 for her thought-provoking editorial content published in Actuarial Review. Her article, Driverless Utopia, won an Excel Award by Association Media & Publishing (AM&P).

Driverless cars are not yet proven to be safer.

There’s no proof that driverless cars will be safer than mere human beings.

Entered in competition by the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS), the article was the cover story for the May-June 2018 issue of Actuarial Review. It was also the most viewed issue of the year on the publication’s website.  

“Written by frequent contributor Annmarie Geddes Baribeau, the article combines engaging graphic elements with thought-provoking editorial content to examine a world caught between available technology and public perception,” according to a CAS announcement.


Although the bronze-awarded article was published about a year ago, its relevance endures amid the push of driverless cars. The piece questions the all-too-common assumption that some 90% of accidents are caused by people. Baribeau’s article also demonstrates that driverless cars are not proven to be safer and autonomous vehicles introduce new risks on the road. Her blog, Driverless Cars Not Proven To Be Safer, offers a personal take on driverless cars.

“I thank the editor of Actuarial Review, Elizabeth Smith, and the Casualty Actuarial Society,” Baribeau says. “It has been an honor to write the publication’s cover stories.” She is also grateful to the Association Media & Publishing, which serves the needs of association and nonprofit publishing teams. To read her latest articles about marijuana, commercial auto, climate change, cyber risk and security and more, please click here. To see other articles and marketing samples, please contact