An Open Letter to My iPad (with Retina Display)

December 4, 2012 Uncategorized 0

Dearest First iPad,

Everyone said I needed you. Since you would be faster and easier on the eyes, I waited for you.

You were worth it.

For many, you are merely a toy. To me, you are my tool.

I admit it was love at first sight. You were beautiful, fresh and clean. Since I bought you on Black Friday, you have already helped me to be more organized and responsive to clients. Every thought I need to write down, you have recorded.

Before we met, I wrote on paper notepads – with each page having messy handwritten lists. You made it easier for me to prioritize. No longer do I have to re-write my notes or start new lists.

Giving me easy access to just about everything I need, you are a great companion. You will go anywhere with me without complaining. You even ask me, “What can I help you with?”

There is no having to open you and wait for programs to load. Utterly responsive, you are turned on with just a gentle slide. You are there at my beck and call. Even if I abandon you for days, you immediately pick up where I left off. When I switch to another application, you help me remember where I left off.

You are not burdensome and heavy like my laptop. Your screen is cleaner and easier to read. Unlike my cell phone, I don’t have to magnify your screen.


Utterly responsive, you are turned on with just a gentle slide.

But alas, you are not, nor do you claim to be, everything. I want to assure you that I accept you for what you are. While so easy to use, there is only so much I can accomplish with you alone. When I am away from home, you need my cell phone to connect with Al Gore’s invention.

Also, you are not my laptop. For you see, I craft words for a living. To write with you, I have to learn yet another program — and that definitely is not client billable.

Someday your descendents will reflect the union of laptops and cell phones. Know I still appreciate and embrace you all the same.

Ever Loving,


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