Biggest Marketing Mistake #5: Doing Nothing


Blatant marketing is verboten in social media.

To avoid even the appearance of blatant marketing, I choose a new Biggest Marketing Mistake #5. It is: Doing Nothing.

Oftentimes, it is the decisions you do not make that ultimately hurt you the most.

Let’s face it. Marketing is a time-consuming investment with no promise of direct, immediate or even eventual results. Doing nothing, however, promises to eventually stifle company survival and growth.

Too often, I see startup companies that do not invest in effective marketing and communications soon enough. They struggle to gain market share.

I have also seen companies that are doing so well that they put marketing on the back burner to meet more immediate and critical business objectives, like taking care of clients. A consistent drumbeat of messaging to target audiences, however, is necessary for maintaining and boosting recognition.

But sadly, when the economy declines, communications, marketing and training departments are the first victims of budget and staff cuts.

Doing nothing is too common. Neglecting regular marketing activities happens so easily you may need to ask someone to remind you!

Doing nothing will not support your company’s growth or protect your market share.


Oftentimes, it is the decisions you do not make
that ultimately hurt you the most.

OK, so you are busy. Perhaps you are overwhelmed. Take small steps. Some progress is better than none.

What about those marketing activities you want to get around to, like updating web content or creating a marketing portfolio? Keep all those good ideas in an electronic file, scheduling time in the near future to take steps toward making them a reality.

Make time to look over your marketing and communications media and ask yourself what’s missing. Alternatively, ask someone else to look at it from a holistic standpoint. Identify what can easily be addressed quickly and make time for planning.

Also, challenge yourself to contact at least three current and/or potential clients per week just to see how they are doing. It adds to the sadly deteriorating human touch in business and will keep you “top of mind” if an opportunity arises.

As a woman of my word, look for me to cover additional topics promised in my series of the Biggest Marketing Mistakes. After criticizing most complimentary knickknacks – also known as incentives – as generally a waste of money, next week I will discuss those worthy of consideration. Please drop me a note at to share your favorites.

And finally, for those of you who are disappointed that I did not cover my original Biggest Marketing Mistake #5: Hiring the Wrong Marketing/Communications Firm, I will soon post advice on how to hire the right public relations/marketing firm in the “About Lipold Communications” section.

I just wanted to avoid blatant marketing on my blog.

Have a great week!