Why Blog About Insurance? (And How to Get Started)

Blogging Important for Insurance Content Marketing

Blogging Demonstrates Your Marketplace Authority

Quality blogs can boost insurance content marketing. Demonstrating your subject matter expertise showcases your ability to serve current and potential clients.

And yet, insurance industry marketing and communications professionals find it difficult to convince their experts to invest in blogging. Deploying quality insurance content through blogging:

  • attracts more visitors for customer conversion
  • demonstrates expertise to become a trusted source
  • positions your company as an industry leader
  • inspires conversation
  • keeps a company top of mind
  • provides reference material for sales
  • establishes an independent publishing forum
  • offers more online reputation control
  • enhances social media presence
  • generates content for re-purposing (more on that later)
  • encourages the customer journey, and
  • freshens websites.

 Why Companies Do Not Blog

So many potential benefits from blogging. And yet, many companies are not making the commitment. Based on the feedback I receive, here’s why (long with my response):

  1. Company management is not convinced. The above list should help.
  1. Lack of time. Blogging requires discipline. Regular submissions require that blogging becomes part of bloggers’ work schedules and not an additional project that will lengthen the workweek. Let’s face it, most professionals have long given up on the 40-hour workweek . They may not welcome another responsibility.
  1. Limited Budget. If time is an issue, consider hiring a professional writer who understands your industry. It might seem that resources are scarce. More likely, the money exists but priorities need reconsideration. Offering blogs and other great website content to improve insurance content marketing is more important than advertising. Think of it this way: if advertising attracts potential clients who find no substance, you’ve wasted money and time. Conference booths, snail mail marketing, giveaways and other tactics might need to move to the back burner. And remember, you can get the most from your blogs by repurposing content (more on that below.)
  1. Lack of topic ideas. To find subjects for blogging, start by asking employees who are in contact with customers — including sales, field and customer service staff — to identify customer concerns. Locate more ideas by searching media and joining LinkedIn Groups and “listening” to conversations.

 How to Get Started

  1. Make a list of ideas.
  1. Develop an editorial calendar. Look at the next 52 weeks and assign blog topics. Create a bank of “evergreen” topics — just in case. Confirm the blogs are substantive with original unique content. Do not copy other writers’ work!
  1. Establish a blog promotion plan and continually look for new ways to market the blog. Lack of blog promotion is one major reason why blogging is ineffective. Posting on social media is a good place to start, but there are other ways including offering to post as a guest blogger.

Finally, do not forget to re-purpose blog content. Ways to repurpose content include:

  • Using blog text to update the website.
  • Modifying the blog for email marketing and newsletters.
  • Pulling parts of blogs out for developing eBooks, white papers, longer articles for third party publication, etc.

I hope this post inspires your company to propel insurance content marketing efforts through blogging. You can find more great blogging tips here

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