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Biggest Marketing Mistake #4: Business Plan Neglect

Biggest Marketing Mistake #4: Business Plan Neglect.Read More

Biggest Marketing Mistake #4: Business Plan Neglect

A recent article in Psychology Today explains why even very intelligent people make “boneheaded” decisions. It describes a couple who…Read More

Marketing Mistake Part III: Wasting Time

Not knowing your audience well enough and wasting money are the first two biggest marketing mistakes. The third is wasting precious…Read More

Marketing Mistake Part II: Spending Too Much Money

Last week, I covered the biggest marketing and communications mistake: Not knowing your audience well enough. The second biggest marketing…Read More

Marketing Mistake 1: Not Knowing the Audience

Companies waste millions of dollars on ineffective marketing and communications efforts. While I cannot back this up with a study,…Read More

Business Lessons from Making Thanksgiving Dinner

Since it is Thanksgiving, I want to express my appreciation to my clients and those who support my career. There…Read More

Resolve to Maximize Your LinkedIn Profile by Avoiding 10 Overused Profile Words

  Looking for a New Year’s Resolutions that does not require daily effort and discipline? Are you looking for a…Read More

Celebrating Christmas and Avoiding Offense

Last week’s episode of The Office opened with the boss, Andy Bernard, beginning a meeting by inclusively wishing his employees…Read More