Does Your Company Have A Safety Culture?


Managers often insist their company has one.  Last week’s blog covered the signs of a workplace safety culture.

But to really know,  you have to ask employees.

It takes courage to ask employees what they really think, but doing can boost trust between employees and management.

Consider an employee survey that focuses on the company’s safety culture. Offer  specific statements employees can rank from very satisfied to very unsatisfied. Offer them room to elaborate with written responses.

Here are some suggested statements to rank from very satisfied to unsatisfied:

1)   Safety is a genuine priority at my company.

2)   Top leadership truly values safety.

3)   My boss makes safety a priority. I work in the ______ department.

4)   I can report an unsafe situation without negative repercussions.

5)   Violators of safety standards are corrected.

6)   I have the time and resources I need to work safely.

7)   My company invests in safety training, equipment and useful information.

8)   My company is consistently communicating that safety is a priority.

9)   My company enforces its safety goals.

10) I know my responsibility in ensuring a safe workplace.

11) I know what I should do if there is a safety emergency.

12) My company rewards safe behavior.

Once you have their feedback in hand, honestly communicate the results and share future improvements. Keeping your word encourages employee trust as well.

Also consider surveying employees about what they know about workers’ compensation. In a previous blog, I suggested survey questions. You can find it here, along with another blog that covers the importance of effectively communicating to employees about workers’ compensation.

Have ideas for other effective safety survey questions? Please share them in the comments section below.

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