Opening A Window Into Health Care’s Future

May 1, 2013 Insurance Topics 3
Cover of Leader's Edge magazine, May 2013

Cover of Leader’s Edge magazine, May 2013

Technology promises amazing innovations that can support longer and healthier lives. But what will it cost us as individuals and as a society?

I gave these issues a look for the award-winning Leader’s Edge magazine. It is the cover story for the May issue.

Called “Fully Exposed,” my article walks readers through exciting technological innovations including body monitoring, telemedicine, DNA sequencing, and even growing replacement organs. Taking a view into the future is really exciting.

These technologies are evolving just as the nation’s health care system is being turned upside down. ObamaCare, sources say, will lead to a two-tier health care system that will place high-tech, cutting edge medicine out of reach for more of the middle class. Americans are just beginning to find out how ObamaCare will really affect them.

Truly, our society has some soul searching to do.

Americans will also find out how much health care really costs. We have been getting a bargain, paying less in co-payments than the cost of taking the family out for dinner. We can expect to pay much more out of pocket for our own care and higher taxes for everyone else’s.

Then there are ethical questions. Just because science provides new opportunities does not mean it is good for society to take them. A genetic family tree can help prevent and cure diseases, but even U.S. history has examples of eugenics. Truly, our society has some soul searching to do.

I intend to explore these issues in greater detail in future blogs. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my article! Please feel free to comment on it as well.

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