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Yeah! Employers Are Keeping Employee Health Care Coverage

December 1, 2014 Insurance Topics 0

Most organizations are continuing to offer health care coverage for their employees, according to a survey by Society for Human…Read More

Waiting for My New Rolodex

November 14, 2014 Uncategorized 0

After spending several days awaiting my new Rolodex, Staples just informed me that I need to wait a little bit…Read More

Just Thinking: Ebola and Workers’ Compensation

October 9, 2014 Insurance Topics 2

You know you’re a true workers’ comp junkie when you cannot hear the news without considering potential work-related implications. Not…Read More

Disruptive Technology, Actuaries and the Rest of Us

July 1, 2014 Insurance Topics 6

Disruptive technology — defined as a new technology that unexpectedly displaces the established one — will change most professions. In…Read More

The Other Reason for Rising Workers’ Comp Premiums

May 2, 2014 Insurance Topics 1

Workers’ compensation premiums are on the rise with little hint of near-term relief. To figure out why, workers’ comp experts…Read More

Can Disability and Accident Coverage Serve as a Workers’ Comp Substitute?

April 3, 2014 Insurance Topics 6

Sometimes I just don’t get it. An article published today in Insurance Journal, which looks more like a copied Aflac…Read More

Just Own It

March 18, 2014 Insurance Topics 2

Could you imagine how much the world would change if people just took responsibility for their actions? It would certainly…Read More

Workers’ Compensation: My Father’s Story

February 26, 2014 Insurance Topics 6

My father was an injured worker. This is the first time I have ever written about this publicly. But since…Read More

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Often Misdiagnosed; Not Work-Related

February 19, 2014 Insurance Topics 2

By Daniel R. Miller, MPH, Senior Consultant, ClaimDocs Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) has caused a firestorm of controversy in recent…Read More

The Problem of Pain

February 4, 2014 Insurance Topics, Opinion 1

“Pain,” wrote C.S. Lewis of The Chronicles of Narnia fame, “is God’s megaphone to the world.” In our bodies, pain…Read More