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A Source’s Comment on my F# Article

November 3, 2013 Insurance Topics 0

James Roberts of Innovative Architects blogs about F# and was a major source in my F# article. I want to…Read More

Know Thy Competitors

Professional football players literally go head-to-head against their competition. To win, they and their coaches have to know their competitors…Read More

Industry Spotlight: 20 Questions with Annmarie Geddes Baribeau

Claimwire Interview by Steve Schmutz  Steve Schmutz 08/26/13   I first heard about Annmarie on LinkedIn. I saw a link to one…Read More

Cutting through the weeds: Business Lessons from the Garden

Gardening can teach a lot about business. As I dug out the weeds and built my new garden, I thought…Read More

Opening A Window Into Health Care’s Future

May 1, 2013 Insurance Topics 3

Technology promises amazing innovations that can support longer and healthier lives. But what will it cost us as individuals and…Read More

Just for Fun: How Not To Do A Webinar

11 Steps to Make Sure Your Next Webinar Is a Total Flop (From Hubspot So, you’ve decided to host a…Read More

“Predictive Modeling Is Here to Stay” Discussion on the LinkedIn Group: Workers Compensation Roundtable

Below is a response to my blog, “Predictive Modeling Is Here to Stay” in a discussion published on the Linked…Read More

Predictive Modeling ‘s Impact on Agents and Brokers—and Their Clients

October 2, 2012 Insurance Topics 5

Leader’s Edge magazine just published my article on how predictive modeling will affect agents and brokers who sell commercial insurance –…Read More

Remembering 9-11

September 11, 2012 Insurance Topics 0

Every generation has a moment in time of a shared memory. For us, it is September 11, 2001. We cannot…Read More

When the Lights Go Down in the City

July 3, 2012 Uncategorized 0

Washington, D.C. is powerless. The storms that blew through the city of personal and political power last Friday night were the…Read More