Questions For an Employee Workers’ Compensation Survey


(This is Part IV of My Series on What Every Employer Should Know About Workers’ Compensation)

Last week’s blog covered how to approach an employee survey to glean insight into what your employees know about workers’ compensation and related issues. Here are some survey questions to consider:

  • Do you believe safety is a priority at the company? Why or why not?
  • How can the company improve workplace safety?

Then ask specifically about workers’ compensation to determine what they know to develop future communication materials. Workers’ comp questions include:

  • Who pays for workers’ compensation benefits?
  1. state government
  2. federal government
  3. your employer
  4. insurance companies
  5. I don’t know.
  • Where should a workers’ compensation claim be filed?
  1. with your supervisor
  2. human resources
  3. the insurance company
  4. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) hotline.
  • Who would you go to if had questions about workers’ compensation?
  1. a co-worker who has filed a claim
  2. your union
  3. your supervisor
  4. human resources
  5. company medical clinic
  6. a doctor
  7. an attorney.
  • When a work-related injury occurs, who should it be first reported to?
  1. your supervisor
  2. human resources
  3. the union
  4. a doctor
  5. company medical clinic
  6. an attorney.

If you have filed a workers’ compensation claim while working at this company, how satisfied were you with those who dealt with your claim? Who handled your claim? Please explain.

Please feel free to add your own questions to this post. If you use the above questions, please let me know what you learn. And, of course, If you need help developing your survey, please let me know by writing Here’s to knowing and reaching your employees!