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Predictive Modeling ‘s Impact on Agents and Brokers—and Their Clients

October 2, 2012 Insurance Topics 5

Leader’s Edge magazine just published my article on how predictive modeling will affect agents and brokers who sell commercial insurance –…Read More

Reduce Claim Filing Lag Time Through Effective Employee Communication Plans

(This is Part II of What Every Employer Should Know About Workers’ Compensation) Despite the best safety efforts, workers’ compensation…Read More

What Insurance Industry Reporters Want

What Insurance Industry Reporters WantIf you want to attract media attention in the insurance industry, read this post from Aartrijk.…Read More

Marketing Mistake Part III: Wasting Time

Not knowing your audience well enough and wasting money are the first two biggest marketing mistakes. The third is wasting precious…Read More

Lipold Publishes Article in Leader’s Edge magazine

January 23, 2012 Insurance Topics 0

If you were up late last night wondering how insurance issues go through the legislative process, the answer is here!…Read More

Suggesting an Actuary Appreciation Day

December 28, 2011 Insurance Topics 3

While writing an article for the Academy of Actuaries the other day, I saw the wind whip the leaves around…Read More