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Ten Ways to Improve Workplace Safety

Preventing workplace incidents is an important way to save workers’ compensation dollars. Previous blogs cover the importance of the CEO’s…Read More

Does Your Company Have A Safety Culture?

Managers often insist their company has one.  Last week’s blog covered the signs of a workplace safety culture. But to really…Read More

Signs of a Workplace Safety Culture

Employers miss potential dividends from workplace safety initiatives when they don’t instill safety as part of their corporate culture. A…Read More

Workers’ Comp and Safety Programs Need a Culture of Sharing

We talk a lot in workers’ compensation about employers having a culture of caring. Employers and employees also benefit from…Read More

Involve Employees in Workplace Safety

June 25, 2013 Insurance Topics 0

Improving workplace safety should not be limited to top-down procedures and programs. Many employers I have interviewed said involving employees…Read More

Prevent Workers’ Compensation Costs through Safety

Employers can do a lot to save money on workers’ compensation by preventing work-related injuries, illness and deaths in the…Read More

Converting the CEO to the Cause of Workers’ Compensation

With employers addressing ObamaCare and rising health care costs, persuading the CEO to make safety and workers’ compensation priorities might…Read More

Great Workers’ Compensation Programs Start at the Top

Some of my most popular blogs cover workers compensation. While in the process of writing future blogs, one central element…Read More

How Supervisors Can Improve the Workers’ Compensation Process

August 1, 2012 Insurance Topics 8

Never underestimate the supervisor’s role in supporting injured employees in the workers’ compensation process. An employer’s communications department can produce…Read More

Questions For an Employee Workers’ Compensation Survey

(This is Part IV of My Series on What Every Employer Should Know About Workers’ Compensation) Last week’s blog covered…Read More