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Actuaries applying advanced analytics provide a window into the profession's future.

Actuaries Applying Advanced Analytics in Non-Traditional Roles

Actuaries applying advanced analytics in non-traditional insurance roles are deploying their acumen to solve business problems. As demonstrated in Part…Read More

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Predictive modeling will surpass human judgment.

For Insurance, Predictive Modeling Will Surpass Human Judgment

Predictive modeling will surpass human judgment and lead insurers to adapt a data and analytics insurance business model. This is…Read More

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Actuaries are adopting predictive models new to property-casualty insurance

Adopting Predictive Models New to Property-Casualty Insurance

January 19, 2017 Insurance Topics 0

Actuaries are finding predictive models new to property-casualty insurance and discovering new applications for traditional analytics such as Generalized Linear…Read More

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Actuaries are on a quest for data gold to improve Property-Casualty Predictive Modeling Potential

Data Gold Boosts Property-Casualty Predictive Modeling Potential

Thanks to the growth of available information, actuaries are on a quest for data gold to boost property-casualty predictive modeling…Read More

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Personal Automobile Insurance Actuarial

Personal Auto Pricing Since Great Recession

Many changes have taken place since the Great Recession, forever altering the personal automobile insurance pricing cycle. My latest Actuarial…Read More

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For Actuaries and Underwriters, Times Are a-Changin’

January 28, 2016 Insurance Topics 0

The days of actuaries and underwriters applying their crafts through separate roles and responsibilities are on the way out, as…Read More

Brokers Need to Take Advantage of Data for Future Success

July 30, 2014 Insurance Topics 0

To attract and retain customers, insurance brokers need to take advantage of data already buried in their electronic and paper…Read More

Discovering the Power of F#

November 1, 2013 Insurance Topics 5

F# has the potential to be a game changer in the U.S. insurance industry, according to my article, A Sharp…Read More

Who Should Be Doing Insurance Predictive Modeling? Actuaries or Statisticians?

March 1, 2013 Insurance Topics 2

After writing several articles on insurance predictive modeling, I noticed that there were as many statisticians doing predictive modeling as…Read More

Predictive Modeling Integration Is Coming

March 1, 2013 Insurance Topics 2

The future of predictive modeling will not be limited to workers’ compensation. My recently-released article, “The Next Great Thing in…Read More