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Thanks to the Actuarial Pug for the Re-Post

July 8, 2014 Insurance Topics 2

Sometimes when I write an article I have no idea how popular it will be. I am pleased to thank…Read More

Thanks to Jim Carroll

July 7, 2014 Insurance Topics 0

Internationally recognized futurist Jim Carroll published his impressions of my article, Fast Forward: Emerging Technology and Actuarial Practice.  “It’s a…Read More

Disruptive Technology, Actuaries and the Rest of Us

July 1, 2014 Insurance Topics 6

Disruptive technology — defined as a new technology that unexpectedly displaces the established one — will change most professions. In…Read More

Actuarial and IT Professionals Need Each Other

March 3, 2014 Insurance Topics 3

From developing innovative solutions to satisfying mounting compliance requirements, actuaries and IT professionals must learn to come together. Unfortunately, both…Read More

Actuaries Recommend Their Favorite Apps

January 9, 2014 Insurance Topics 0

With over one million apps available for Apple mobile devices alone, figuring out the best ones to use can be…Read More

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A Source’s Comment on my F# Article

November 3, 2013 Insurance Topics 0

James Roberts of Innovative Architects blogs about F# and was a major source in my F# article. I want to…Read More

Discovering the Power of F#

November 1, 2013 Insurance Topics 5

F# has the potential to be a game changer in the U.S. insurance industry, according to my article, A Sharp…Read More

Why I am Never Buying a Dell Product Again!!!

May 13, 2013 Uncategorized 6

Once upon a time, small businesses relied on Dell Computers. Once offering excellent products, it was hailed for its customer…Read More

Predictive analytics allows feds to track outbreaks in real time

January 30, 2013 Insurance Topics 0

Predictive analytics allows feds to track outbreaks in real timeRead More

Why I Love My IBM Selectric

August 7, 2012 Uncategorized 0

My “new” IBM Selectric arrived last week. Big, beautiful and sexy red, my fiancée Alan remembered I had always wanted…Read More