If you seek to understand the implications of an insurance industry issue, Annmarie is your go-to resource. She is thorough, tenacious, compelling and passionate in her approach to business writing and communications. Annmarie wears different hats with class and polish, whether it be public relations, content development or journalism.

 – Peter van Aartrijk – CEO, Aartrijk 

Annmarie is an extremely intelligent, enthusiastic and gifted writer and communicator who is as adept at strategic, “big picture” conceptualizing and planning as she is at tactical, detailed execution of complex communications and public relations programs. An excellent interviewer and researcher, she is especially skilled at analyzing and synthesizing vast amounts of information to create insightful, well-written materials that simplify complex ideas for her intended audiences.

— Brenda (Elliott) Proctor, Communications Manager at IBM and Annmarie’s former supervisor at the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation

I have known Annmarie for a number of years both as reporter on workers’ compensation issues and as a collaborator on a complex white paper. She is a dogged researcher and a very talented writer.

–Barry Llewellyn, retired, National Council of Compensation Insurance, Inc.

To break into a new insurance market, I asked Annmarie Baribeau to write the entire website content from scratch. The website continues to successfully generate new leads, helping my company build market share. I have already recommended her once and would happily do so again.

–Mordy Littman, Founder & CEO, DuMont Insurance Brokers Corp

I know of no finer writer than Annmarie. She is terrific.

— Thomas C. Schell, CPCU, WCP, Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, Paradigm Outcomes

Annmarie was recommended to me by a satisfied customer. At the time, I was president of Pinnacle Actuarial Resources and I hired her to gain name recognition for our new firm and to help build our image. For six years, on a part-time basis, Annmarie helped us transform Pinnacle from a lesser known actuarial firm to a well-respected leader in actuarial services. Her rare ability to understand actuarial concepts and convert them to lay terms coupled with her big picture perspective helped us get our message out to our potential customers.

She repurposed our monographs to help place them in publications including Best’s Review, Contingencies, Insurance Journal, NAMIC’s “In” magazine and several others, which helped us gain more speaking opportunities at conferences. By developing an editorial formula for our newsletter and providing editing and writing, Annmarie helped us produce a quality publication that generated many positive comments and client leads. From a customer survey to producing web text and brochures and guiding design, Annmarie accomplished everything we asked her to do. Annmarie encouraged us to be thought leaders and communicate our value proposition. An advertisement she helped us with was highly ranked by Best Review subscribers in 2008.
Annmarie is creative, passionate and ethical. I highly recommend her

–Steve Lehmann, International Secretary of the American Academy of Actuaries and former principal of Pinnacle Actuarial Resources

Annmarie, Your presentation to the Central Pennsylvania Actuarial Club was most definitely thought-provoking and provided some great insights into the future of the actuarial career. I would highly recommend your presentation for other actuaries and actuarial students

–Scott A. Humpert, FSA, MAAA, Consulting Actuary, Highmark Inc.

I first met Annmarie while she was a reporter for BNA’s Workers’ Compensation Report. She was the best trade press reporter I’ve ever encountered; she did her homework and knew enough to ask the follow-up question and the follow-up to that. Some years later, I recommended her to a maritime employer coalition seeking to amend the Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, which is the workers’ compensation law covering the maritime industry. Annmarie drafted a report for the coalition’s use with Congress, in explaining the maritime industry, the Longshore Act, its problems, and why reform legislation was necessary. An excellent narrative that was well-received by her clients and a very useful information piece for the coalition’s Congressional activities.

— Bruce C. Wood Associate General Counsel & Director, Workers’ Compensation, American Insurance Association 

When I was her managing editor, Annmarie was a great reporter. She had deep knowledge of workers comp issues — the topic she covered. Annmarie developed expert sources prodigiously and regularly produced groundbreaking stories.

–Jeff Day, Annmarie’s former supervisor at the Bureau of National Affairs

It’s been my privilege to watch Annmarie grow into a wonderfully talented professional, first as an excellent writer and then as a full-service PR practitioner. She listens to clients and to others, implements strategies that make work better, and has a terrific work ethic. I recommend her without reservation.

–Gretchen Hirsch, author of several writing and business books and communicator at Ohio Wesleyan University

Annmarie is a very sharp and forthright writer. I’ve been burned before where what I told the author wasn’t exactly what made its way into print, where they were trying to fit my words into their preconceived notions of what the article would be about. Annmarie doesn’t do that. She will work hard to really understand the subject matter, and to reflect her interviewees how they really are and what they’re saying. She’s also a quick study and is willing to take her articles in wonderful and unexpected directions. I trust her. I’d love to work with her again!

–Claude Penland, actuary & partner, EzraPenland Actuarial Recruitment

Annmarie is an outstanding writer and thinker. She has her very special niche and is one of the best communicators in it. Annmarie will deliver a professional product with outstanding service. She is a wonderful professional and a great person.

–Yvonne Burry, president, The Adams Street Group.